The City of Nanaimo has declared August 6th as Hiroshima Day in Nanaimo.

This is in keeping with Nanaimo’s status as a nuclear-weapons-free city and with past proclamations by the City.

Lanterns will be launched at dusk about 9:30 at Swa A Lana Lagoon on the Nanaimo waterfront.  This is an event for everyone including families and children and everyone will be invited to help launch the lanterns.

The program this year will begin with peace songs at 8:30 by Tristan and Janette. 

The Lantern Ceremony will begin at 9:00 with Margaret Sutton  playing the Shakuhashi ( Japanese flute), harp music by Eleanor Sinclair, songs by Angelique. This will be  followed by messages from our MP Paul Manly, our MLA Sheila Malcolmson and our mayor Leonard Krog, finishing with a song by Micalla Wallace.