Nanaimo promotes nuclear disarmament

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A letter from Nanaimo Mayor and Council

The Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
608-63 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON KIP SAG
Re: Invitation To Join An International Appeal To Promote Nuclear Disarmament
At the Regular Council meeting of 03-FEB-2020, the City of Nanaimo Council received the
correspondence from The Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons dated 09-JAN-2020, regarding the request to join the international “Cities Appeal”.
The City of Nanaimo Mayor Krog and Council unanimously passed the following motion:
“That Council endorse the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Cities
which states: Our city is deeply concerned about the grave threat that nuclear weapons
pose to communities throughout the world.

We firmly believe that our residents have the right to live in a world free from this Threat. Any use of nuclear weapons, whether deliberate or accidental, would have catastrophic, far-reaching and long-lasting  consequences for people and the environment. Therefore, we warmly welcome the adoption of the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by the United Nations in 2017, and we call upon our national Government to join it. ”
Leonard Krog

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The Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) was established in 1996 by representatives of national organizations that share the conviction that nuclear weapons are immoral and should be abolished. We believe that Canada should lead in working for their early abolition.