Wall of Grief Remembrance and Hope

Wall of Orange –To Honor and Remember


At Jean Burns building site until July 7, 2021

Nanaimo, B.C.

Hiroshima Day Nanaimo BC

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Hiroshima Day in Nanaimo will be                            marked on

       August 6th,2020


        From 1-3 pm at

    Maffeo Sutton Park

         with displays and music.

“It has been 75 years since the first use of the atomic bomb when the city of Hiroshima was reduced to ashes in 1945. 

To commemorate this event, for the past eighteen years, we have  held a lantern ceremony at dusk,”

said Dyane Brown from  the Women’s International  League for Peace and Freedom, organizers of the event.

“Because of COVID, we have had to develop a new plan.”

Peace songs will be sung by Janette and Tristan  prior to the event.

At  1 pm  Margaret Sutton will play  her shakuhashi flute

and every  half hour there will be a

reminder of Hiroshima Day

and a minute of silence. 


Some of the lanterns will be on display at the park

and everyone is encouraged to make a lantern of their own and put it in their window on August  6th. 

Because of COVID 19, instructions from the Chief Medical Officer of BC will be respected with social distancing and the distribution of masks if required.